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The History of HDWC
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A Church birthed out of the will of God!!


A Ministry anchored in the heart of God!!


These two statements are foundational to The Higher Dimensions Worship Cathedral.  They summarize our endeavors and obedience to the Lord.  When we look back into time for perspective and contemplation of events and memories, it is interesting, and yes, even exciting to print the evidence of our journey.

The genesis of God’s gift of this said church began to unfold in 1995 when he directed Pastor Boone’s pathway to Warner Robins, Georgia to become pastor of Byron Church of God By Faith.  It was a stepping stone in the ministry, however, during the process of time, the Lord revealed a higher and weightier calling in the Masters’ charge. In order for God to establish this call, it required a move to branch outward and reach upward.

During the years of 2001-2003, Pastor Boone began to see visions and experience hard evidence of the direction that was required to be taken. This edifice was on the market and in his heart he knew and believed through faith that God had bestowed this edifice as the new place of worship.  The name, Higher Dimensions Worship Center was given years prior as confirmation. Pastor Boone canvassed the ground, prayed and waited in faith for God’s perfect timing.

God in his infinite wisdom added two families to the church that would be instrumental in accomplishing the work.  The spirit moved upon Mr. Dennis Bean and Mr. Thomas Jefferson and showed them their role in its execution.  God led us to other businessmen who initiated the process of transitioning into a new ministry and relocating the church.

In July 2004, God released the keys, thus opening the doors of Higher Dimensions, , and said  “occupy until I come.”  Now in continued dedication, faithfulness, and many challenges, HDWC is still standing and progressing in the Lord. 

Pastor Boone fully bought into God’s will for Higher Dimensions and his loyalty and hard work will not diminish.

Romans 8:28 states, “And we know that all things work together for good........”. As Pastor and Elect Lady Cynthia Boone works through the Vision of the Master,  HDWC continues to grow. The evidence of Kingdom Building is released in the numerous outreaches and ministries such as The TrailBlazers Camp, Back to School and Christmas Give Away, The Dream House and Bethesda Recovery Program just to name few.

Since the Holy Consecration of Bishop Timothy O Boone, the church's name has been changed to:


Certainly,   He is not through with us yet!!!!